• About

    Bytecoin Money is a cryptocurrency wallet where you can store and manage your BCN. We have combined all the necessary elements like security, simplicity, and easy access so that the project meets your needs.

  • Quick access

    We reckon the cryptocurrency industry will replace the traditional understanding of money, that’s why our product was designed as a lightweight Bytecoin wallet, in order to allow everyone quick access to their funds without having additional infrastructure. The only thing you need is a device with internet access.

  • Simplicity

    Bytecoin Money wallet was made for those users who want to work with Bytecoin without syncing to the blockchain or installing additional applications. The functionality of our wallet is limited to necessary features, which allow you to send and receive transactions, manage your assets between addresses, and monitor rate movements.

  • Security

    Security has always been the #1 priority for the Bytecoin Money developers, that’s why we have protected our project with various anti-hack features such as DDoS and brute-force protection, and have allowed our users to take advantage of multi-factor authentication, complicated passwords, as well as captcha.